Our Spirits

Crafted To Gather

From the very beginning it has been our vision at Central Standard to produce spirits that bring people together to share and enjoy conversation, laughs and memories. Whether you join us at our Crafthouse & Kitchen tasting room or bring a bottle with you to share with friends we hope you enjoy our spirits as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Cabin Strength Bourbon

Our bourbons are placed in new American White Oak barrels and aged between 4 and 6 years. In the case of Cabin Strength, we have taken it an additional step… we re-barrel the bourbon for a second time for an additional year. The second barreling is done in our signature New American White Oak barrels.

Red Cabin Bourbon

Double-barrel finished in Cabernet wine casks, Red Cabin highlights notes of oak and caramel. You’ll appreciate a secured smoothness with every tilt of the elbow. And with an arrival of amber in every pour, you’ll soon realize this bourbon is worth catching a little cabin fever. Red Cabin was the Gold medal winner at the 2019 LA Spirits competition for bourbon.

Dockside Bourbon Whiskey

Crafted one barrel at a time. Our small-batch Bourbon Whiskey builds on a recipe from the 1800’s; a mash of corn, rye and barley. Pot distillation. Aged less than two years in new American white oak charred barrels. We master the details so you can savor a Bourbon Whiskey full of color and caramel flavor, spiced with a hint of rye.

North Wisconsin Brandy

Head North, where supper clubs and campfires alike bring people together. Pridefully distilled by our team, our North WI Brandy is aged 2+ years in fire-kissed oak barrels, then finished in bourbon barrels which mellows the brandy to a sweet and unrivaled smoothness. Crafted to finish off the perfect Old Fashioned or sipped straight up, enjoy North WI Brandy – made in the true Wisconsin tradition.

North Wisconsin Chocolate Brandy
Flannel Series

Our award winning North Brandy now has a flavored sibling to go along with the standard Wisconsin favorite. Our first in a limited edition of The Flannel Series, these flavors will go along with flavors from the Midwest and we all enjoy.

Brewmaster Series

Our Brewmasters Series is now going global with one of the biggest names in brewing on the planet…Hofbräu München. You may know them for Oktoberfest, but we know them and respect them more for their brewing heritage and the beers they make outside of their popular Oktoberfest.

This Brewmasters collaboration has something for beer and brandy fans alike, Beer lovers will appreciate the roasted caramel malt flavor and subtle beer sweetness of their winter release “Delicator”. Brandy fans will love the bold, rich flavor. It tastes like a cozy Bavarian night.

Door County Cherry Vodka

A wealth of Wisconsin resides within every glass. 100% handcrafted and award-winning vodka infused with locally sourced honey and cherries from Door County, WI. You’ll fall in love with this sweet, ready to pour spirit. Taste and discover why we open the Door in every sip.

Standard Issue vodka

Standard Issue vodka is the base of our most popular spirit Door County Cherry Vodka. This is distilled from 100% grain using our meticulous low reflux distillation process which brings out truly artisan craft flavor and quality. The result is a smooth and drinkable vodka based on hard work and attention to detail of the highest standard, The Central Standard.

Riverbend Rye Whiskey

Taste America’s history in our small-batch rye whiskey. Our master distiller harvests each barrel after patient aging, unleashing an oaky nose rich with sweet caramels and peppery spices. The confident grain bill of 95 percent rye and 5 percent corn creates a complex yet approachable flavor and a crisp finish for the ages.

Guided Trail Gin

Our citrus-forward, hand-crafted gin is made with lime, lemon, and orange peels to put a refreshing twist on an old favorite. Traditional elements of Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, and Rosemary mixed with the citrus will have you savoring this refreshingly adventurous gin, sip after sip.

L Flag Bourbon

When the road team prevails in Chicago, an L Flag flies. We dedicate this exceptionally smooth bourbon to all who overcome adversity, no matter the odds or how hostile the crowd. Cheers to you and your next taste of victory

Brandy old Fashioned Cans

Partnering with the legendary Godfather of craft beverages in the Midwest, Leinenkugels or Ready to Drink Brandy Old Fashioned is the ideal canned old fashioned.
Using our award winning North Brandy, while combining the quintessential flavors of the MIdwest which are used in the famously delicious flavors used in the great Leinenkugel’s shandy lines…it just made sense to partner up and bring both of this great brands together for all of you on one ready to drink cocktail.

RTD Cans

Get ready for the tastiest trio the Midwest has ever seen. We have collaborated with the legendary  Leinenkugel’s to create perfect combinations of RTD cocktails in can.

The canned cocktails will be widely distributed across major retail and independent liquor stores, and available at local venues, bars, restaurants and supper clubs.

Brandy old Fashioned Cans

Using our award winning North Brandy, while combining the quintessential flavors of the Midwest which are used in the famously delicious flavors used in the great Leinenkugel’s shandy lines…it just made sense to partner up and bring both of this great brands together for all of you on one ready to drink cocktail.

Bourbon old Fashioned Cans

Using our award winning double-barreled Red Cabin Bourbon, while combining the great Leinenkugel’s fruit flavors, like cherry, cranberry and orange

Vodka Cherry Lemonade

Lemonade infused with Central Standard’s Door County Cherry Vodka, lemon flavors from Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, and a kiss of raw Wisconsin honey.

Pour Ready Cocktails

Award winning spirits, mixed with real organic juices & botanicals in fresh, yet familiar flavors, sure to please any sized crowd. And since you’re not playing bartender all night – you’ll actually enjoy their company.