About Us

It's been a journey but the adventure is still ahead

Pat & Evan

The Beginning

When two friends got together over a bourbon one night they had no idea they’d stumble upon a collective desire to start something bold. A distillery. As the bourbon kept flowing and the conversations ran deeper, their confidence grew. They knew they could make it work. The decision was made to start a distillery. Obviously, not the best way to make a decision, but it seemed great at the time! The name Central Standard came to fruition out of the only thing the founders shared together…the time zone they lived in growing up. Evan, from Wisconsin, and Pat, from Nebraska.

our mission

Central Standard is more than a name. It’s an idea. An idea to make better spirits, with locally sourced products, by hard-working local professionals who are passionate about what they create. We’ve been lucky enough to turn that idea into reality, with a number of our spirits winning local and national awards for quality and excellence. We are Milwaukee through and through. We pour our heart and soul into crafting the best spirits for your cocktails.