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Flannel series

it's always flannel season

Our award winning North Brandy now has a flavored sibling to go along with the standard Wisconsin favorite.  Our first in a limited edition of The Flannel Series, these flavors will go along with flavors from the Midwest and we all enjoy. 

Series 1: Blackberry

The first limited release is our Blackberry Brandy…not the typical syrupy sugar forward blackberry brandy, but rather a subtle hint of blackberries from the Midwest. We use natural flavors and real blackberries to uphold the quality of our crafted brandy. Perfect for old fashioned’s or brambles. 

Enjoy while you can, as it is a limited release…and if you can’t get your hands on it, we will release our next flavor in July/Aug so stayed tuned…and the final in the series in Sept/Oct of 2022.

Blackberry Flannel Series

Series 2: Coming July/August

Series 3: Coming September/October

cocktail Recipes

made with flannel series spirits


Midwest Blackberry Margarita

1.5oz Flannel Series Blackberry Brandy 
0.75oz triple sec
1oz lime juice 
0.5oz simple syrup
Add all ingredients to a pint glass, shake with ice, strain into Collins glass over ice, garnish with lime and blackberry