Brandy Old Fashioned RTD Cans

Collaboration perfection

Partnering with the legendary Godfather of craft beverages in the Midwest, Leinenkugels or Ready to Drink Brandy Old Fashioned is the ideal canned old fashioned.
Using our award winning North Brandy, while combining the quintessential flavors of the MIdwest which are used in the famously delicious flavors used in the great Leinenkugel’s shandy lines…it just made sense to partner up and bring both of this great brands together for all of you on one ready to drink cocktail.
Whether you are on the golf course, at a concert, or enjoying some BBQ fun and relaxation at home with friends and family, you can now enjoy it ready to go for you…because we have done all the work…so relax and enjoy.
The product is widely available across the state of Wisconsin only (at this point).  Check out our store locator to find the spot near you….and if you can’t find it at your favorite store, bar or restaurant we are confident it will be there soon…but make sure to ask so our hard working distributor team can get the product to your favorite location.
Look for this fantastic collaboration also at your favorite venues, events and concerts across the state this year.