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Central Standard's current line-up

Central Standard Whiskey

Oat Whiskey

While not aged like its bourbon style brethren, this Oat Whiskey experiences short aging in an unused and uncharred oak barrel.
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Central Standard Gin

New American Gin

Our Gin is distilled from a white wheat malt base which builds a body of sweetness to the spirit. Further, we add 6 botanicals to the base through the distillation process.
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Central Standard Vodka

Wisconsin Rye Vodka

Our meticulous low reflux distillation process brings out truly artisan craft flavor and quality, highlighting the uniqueness of this grain.
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Central Standard Bourbon

Bourbon Whiskey

Crafted one barrel at a time. Our small-batch Bourbon Whiskey builds on a recipe from the 1800's; a mash of corn, rye and barley.
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Central Standard Tasting Room and Bar

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613 South 2nd Street (next to Milwaukee Brewing Co.)
Milwaukee, WI 53204
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Seasonal Tasting Room Hours

Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - 5pm to 10pm
Friday - 4pm to 12am
Saturday - 12pm to 12am
Sunday -  12pm to 5pm