Central Standard’s Toppling Goliath featured in Forbe’s “Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best American Brandies To Celebrate The Holidays”

Toopling Goliath

We’re always humbled to be included in “best of” lists but for our limited edition Toppling Goliath Brandy to be featured in a the Forbes “Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best American Brandies To Celebrate The Holidays” list was a whole new level of appreciation. The list included eight excellent picks of American Brandy’s which you think you should definitely checkout, after your bottle of Toppling Goliath Brandy.


Launched as part of our Brewmasters Series, this brandy is aged in barrels that previously held Toppling Goliath stout, from the famed Iowa brewing company, and before housing beer, the barrels were filled with maple syrup. This flavor combination imparts a subtle espresso aroma with hints of chocolate, caramel and just the slightest maple syrup finish. This Milwaukee-based distillery also makes a delicious North WI brandy, which is aged for at least two years in oak barrels before getting finished in bourbon barrels.

High Demand Means A Trip To The Source

Toppling Goliath

When we launched our first Brewmaster’s Series with Toppling Goliath creating the Toppling Goliath Barrel-Aged North Wisconsin Brandy earlier this month we had no clue how popular it would be! To make sure we had plenty of supply on hand for our loyal lovers of this limited release Brandy we headed to the source to go grab some more (and maybe a few TG pints!).

Make sure to grab a bottle while supplies last at our Crafthouse & Kitchen tasting room, Costco and select Milwaukee locations.