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Bottled, loved and Retail ready

We're The Fastest Growing Distillery In The Mid-West

Our line of up whiskey’s, brandy’s, gin’s and vodka’s have been taking the mid-west market by storm and we’re just getting started. We’ve fine tuned our list of “regulars“, our core spirits that have been the foundation of our brand, and keep rolling out new creations with our Flannel Series and new collaborations with our Brewmaster Series.

We’re currently in 80+ retail locations, with ten brands, across four states and have plenty of room to grow.

our mission

Central Standard is more than a name. It’s an idea. An idea to make better spirits, with locally sourced products, by hard-working local professionals who are passionate about what they create. We’ve been lucky enough to turn that idea into reality, with a number of our spirits winning local and national awards for quality and excellence. We are Milwaukee through and through. We pour our heart and soul into crafting the best spirits for your cocktails.

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