Perfect for Festive-Cocktail Making or Sipping Fireside, North Wisconsin Chocolate Brandy Debuts Today Just in Time for Holiday Merriment & Gift Giving

North Brandy Chocolate - Flannel Series

There’s something new to crave this holiday season as our newest addition in the Flannel Series arrives today: North Wisconsin Chocolate brandy, a decadent combination of North Wisconsin brandy and dark chocolate.


“Our new Chocolate brandy is a ‘must try’ this season as almost a pound of dark chocolate is infused into each bottle,” said distillery Cofounder Evan Hughes. “The result is a rich, flavorful and festive brandy with hints of dry cherry, vanilla and, of course, chocolate. It tastes like the holidays in a bottle.“


To help make the season bright, mixologists from the Central Standard Crafthouse & Kitchen created eight all-new cocktail recipes featuring the new North Wisconsin Chocolate Flannel Series brandy. The easy-to-make-at home recipes can be found at .


Cocktail recipe highlights include the “Nostalgic Nightcap” (North Wisconsin Chocolate brandy, Irish cream, and half & half on the rocks); Chocolate Snap (North Wisconsin Chocolate brandy, ginger beer and an orange twist in a Collins glass); and The Zoolander (North Wisconsin Chocolate brandy, Triple Sec, simple syrup, and Central Standard Daily Grind Coffee Vodka on the rocks or as a martini).


“No matter folks’ level of behind-the-bar experience, our North Wisconsin Chocolate brandy and these new recipes makes whipping up festive cocktails easy,” said Central Standard Cofounder Pat McQuillan. “Our new chocolate brandy is also the perfect bottle to gift the host of your next holiday gathering or place under the tree for that someone special.”


The new North Wisconsin Flannel Series Chocolate brandy sells in 750ml bottles and is priced between $29.99 and $34.99. Only a limited number of bottles are being released.


“And, when we’re sold out, we’re sold out, no matter if it’s next Tuesday or the week before Christmas,” Hughes added. “This year, we say skip the pie and start a new tradition when you gather with friends and family by enjoying a cocktail with our new Chocolate brandy after your big holiday meal instead.”

Our Flannel Series Warms Up With The North Brandy Chocolate “Limited Edition” Release

North Brandy Chocolate - Flannel Series

Warm up your winter with the next in our limited edition Flannel Series, Chocolate Brandy.  First we take our award winning North Brandy and steep real chocolate and just a touch of coffee bean…and let that soak in for up to 30 days. The result is a perfect pairing of brandy and chocolate sweetness, which we feel is better than even chocolate and peanut butter.

Perfect to mix in your holiday eggnog, create a holiday old fashioned, or just sip in a snifter in front of the winter fire. So skip the dessert this year, and enjoy a cocktail.