Celebrating Moonshine Day With Our Corey Hart Moonshine Collaboration Release
Corey Hart Moonshine


Today is National Moonshine Day and we’re pumped to announce our collaboration with former Brewers star Corey Hart on the release of a smoked lemon vodka moonshine.

The new spirit, Corey Hart’s #1 Ballpark Shine, is made with lemon-flavored vodka and smoked lemon.

Hart played for the Brewers from 2004 until 2013. Hart signed a one-day contract in 2017 so that he could retire in the blue and yellow.

“After 11 years living away from Milwaukee, it felt like time to return for one more win,” said Hart. “This moonshine is a small way to honor the city that always felt like home to me and pay tribute to the years of fans’ love and support.”

The vodka – 30 percent ABV – is packaged in 750ml bottles and is available exclusively at the distillery’s restaurant in Downtown Milwaukee for now, though there are plans to expand into retail throughout Wisconsin in the coming months.

The moonshine can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with club soda or in cocktails.